Opera Zero

Opera Zero


Opera Zero is conceived in London and takes shape in Bologna within a small-scale atelier, attached to its own production lab. The end products meet at a harmonious intersection between artisanal cosmetics, diversity, art and botanical beauty. 

The natural beauty range takes us on a journey that starts in the forests of Italy’s isolated mountain peaks and makes its gentle descent towards the coastline’s shores, passing through hills and plains. Each product is inspired by the richness of each ecosystem in the Italian territory and formulated with a blend of active ingredients, botanical and herbal extracts. These have been carefully selected to enhance either a portion of the flora that is unique to each altitude, or its individual plants. 

Launched in 2020, Opera Zero is an artisanal beauty range created by drawing on the precision of science and the inspiration of an artist. It is produced in small batches, offering a delicate treatment of the skin and a metaphorical path for the senses, encapsulated within four bottles.


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